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Current Events:

Talk in the I²SoS Kolloquium by a HEPS student

Talha Minhas,

Perspectives of science in democracies: structures, agencies, and representation

17.07.2018, 16-18 Uhr

C01-136 (UHG)

The Master’s programme History, Economics and Philosophy of Science (HEPS) takes four semesters. It focusses on studies of science and aims to illuminate and make explicit essential characteristics of science, combining perspectives from the history, economics and philosophy of science. The objective is to analyse how science produces knowledge, under which economic conditions it operates and how it is embedded in society in past and present.

It is offered with an International Track which includes a reduced spectrum of classes in English. HEPS can be completed in English. However, a certain amount of flexibility is required to complete the main modules, and, in particular, the module “object disciplines” (i.e., studies in the sciences) in English.

Career opportunities are in academia, university administration and the management of science, science policy, ethics committees, management consultancy, foundations, publishing houses, public relations, science journalism, science as well as corporate communication.