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HEPS: Information for Current Students


The Prüfungs- und Studienordnung für das Masterstudium (PSO) regulates all Master degree programmes at Bielefeld University. The so called Fächerspezifischen Bestimmungen (FsB)  or 'Subject-specific regulations'  specify the PSO on each Masters programme taught at Bielefeld University. In the so called Modulhandbuch or 'Module-Handbook' further details and more specific information on the content of each programme is given.

PSO, FsB and Modulhandbuch for History, Economics and Philospohy of Science (HEPS)  are to be found on the pages of the Bielefelder Informationssystem (BIS) under 'Studieninformation: HEPS' (see link below).

  Studieninformation: HEPS

Due to legal reasons all information given in those three documents governing the student body is in German.



To facilitate the understanding of those documents for non-German speaking students however some of the most important points and vocabulary are translated and explained in the following segment. The translations and explanations only refer to the information given in the Fächerspezifischen Bestimmungen (FsB). The numbers refer to the respective paragraph in the legal document. Please note that the information given in the following are not legally binding. Only the original document (in German) is. 



Studying abroad

(1) It is obligatory to spend a semester abroad. Partner institutions should be used preferably. The second or third semester should be used for the stay. 

(2) One might step back from spending a semester abroad, however only certain reasons are accepted if one wants to do so. For instance:

- Reason(s) listed and explained in § 14 Sec. 2 MPO fw.

- Difficulties to finance a semester abroad;

- Study abroad prior to entering HEPS of no less than two semesters.

All reasons given need to be proven.


7. 'Modulstrukturtabelle'


Each Hauptmodul (main module) of which there are four to be studied consist of

1 Studienleistung and at least

1 Benotete Modulteilprüfung (graded Module-Exam)

Please see chart in FsBs.


8. Further information on Modulprüfungen, Modulteilprüfungen and Studienleistungen


Module-Exam: a homework assignment with maximum 6000 words  

Module- PART- exam: a homework assignment with up to 2000 words

Essay: up to 2000 words

Internship-Report: roughly about 4000 words including proof of of internship



Various forms of proof of performance can be chosen: Short presentations (Referat), assignments (Übungsaufgaben), protocolls or short essays. Assignments can for example be: The production of a thesis paper, a reconstruction of an argument, research on literature or the summary of a text. Please note that all Studienleistung-assignments should not exceed the length of 1200 words and oral presentations should not be longer then 20 minutes. The oral presentation in the Abschlussmodul is roughly 30 minutes. 


(3) The Masterthesis is has roughly about 70 pages. Modules 26-HEPS-EM and HEPS-26-PM need to be finished beforehand. The student may work on his masters' project for 5 month. The disputation of the presented work is set for 30 minutes. Usually the disputation is seen through by the two supervisors of the student.