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HEPS: Structure and Modules


The programme begins with an Introductory module which provides basic knowledge of the history, economics, and philosophy of science and the connections among these disciplines. A second module from an empirical science or “object discipline” is added to this Introductory module.

Three main modules follow. These are dedicated to the development of science, the economics of science, and the methods of science, respectively.

One semester is spent at a partner institution abroad; these partner institutions include Torun (PL), the University of Bologna (IT), Budapest (HU), ENS in Paris (FR) as well as the universities Notre Dame (US), Tilburg (NL), Uppsala (SE) and Vienna (AT). Moreover, an internship of six weeks is required.

The programme is completed with a Master’s thesis. Please note: As a non-native German speaker, before one applies for the Master's certificate at the registrar's office, one must present language skills in German at the level of B1.

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Recommended course of study

The programme can be entered in both the winter and summer semesters; it is, however, designed for entrance in the winter semester. In the first semester, the Introductory module and the main module “object disciplines” should be completed. The second and third semesters should be devoted to the three main modules, the fourth semester to the writing of the MA thesis. If the programme is entered in the summer semester, the length of study is likely to increase.


Documents and courses

The examination and study regulations for Master’s programmes (PSO , Prüfungs- und Studienordnung in German) are the guidelines for Master’s programmes at Bielefeld University. The PSO for the HEPS programme are specified by the regulations for the Master’s programme History, Economics and Philosophy of Science (HEPS) (FsB, Fächerspezifische Bestimmungen in German). The course of study is described in the Handbook of Modules.

PSO, FsB and Handbook of Modules for HEPS can be found on the website “Programme Information: HEPS” of the Bielefeld Information system (BIS) (under "Navigation"; For the Handbook of Modules, follow the link "List of Modules (Course of study)"):


  Programme Information: HEPS