InterAmerican Studies
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Master Inter-American Studies

Think the Americas in a different way!

As in hardly any other region of the world, cultural, linguistic, and political opposites of the industrialized, "developing", and emerging nations meet in the Americas.

The M.A. Program in Inter-American Studies sets its sights on these social, cultural, and political developments, taking into account both the present and its historical conditions. The focus is both on the national characteristics of the various Anglo- and Latin American countries and on their current tendencies toward separation and penetration of the national space.

In connection with actual research contexts, the M.A. program concentrates on issues such as transnationality, interculturalism, globalization, and world society. Literary, Cultural, and Media Studies, Linguistics, Sociology, Political Science, and Transnational History occur here in interdisciplinary dialogue.

Innovative interdisciplinary courses and the opportunity of a semester abroad at one of our international partner universities enable students in the M.A. Program in Inter-American Studies to design an individual profile and give their studies a cultural or historical social science focus.

With a double focus on the cultures of the Anglo and Latin American region, the M.A. program trains students in international cultural, social, and communication processes. Graduates can pursue a career in the areas of international and development agencies, intercultural communication, public relations, and further text- and media-based fields.


IAS Informative meeting

We invite you to participate on this informative meeting about InterAmerican Studies. It will take place next Wednesday December 16th in room C4-241 at 14:00.

Flyer Taller "Informative meeting"

Symposium "México y los pasados presentes"

We invite you to participare in this Symposium, in which we will discuss the literary and interdisciplinary entanglements of Mexican history. It will take place the 26th and 27th of November in room D3-121.

Programa del Simposio "México y los pasados presentes"

"La modernidad atrofiada en América Latina" Workshop

We invite you to participate on this workshop imparted by Dr.Rafael Torres Sánchez. It will take place Friday November 13th in room D3-121 from 10:00-16:00.

Flyer Taller "La modernidad atrofiada en América Latina"