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Master InterAmerican Studies

FAQs - frequently asked questions for the Master IAS

Here in the FAQs you find by clicking the answers to common questions around the Master Programme Inter-American Studies.

How can I apply?

For application you need the following documents:

  • proof of a relevant Bachelor´s-degree or Transcript of Records (if you do not have your certificate by the date of application)
  • proof of extended language skills in English and Spanish
  • letter of motivation (3 pages)
  • curriculum vitae (tabular CV)

Application deadlines: January 15th for Summer Semester and July 15th for Winter Semester

Very important: since Summer Semester 2010 the new online application is obligatory.

Here you can get to the online application portal:

Please send a copy of your application via email to:


You can find additional information on the admission requirements, the application process, the contents of study, and the standards of examinations here.

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Is there a selection process and how does it work?

There is a selection process, during which all submitted application documents (diploma/ transcript of records, proof of competence in English/ Spanish, CV, letter of motivation) are reviewed by a selection committee, which decides whether the applicant fulfills admission requirements. Applicants who pass this first round are invited to a selection interview (15 - 20 minutes long) to establish whether the candidate is qualified to successfully study the MA Program Inter-American Studies. A negative answer does not exclude reapplying at a later date.

Further information on admission process can be found in the Program regulations

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Which areas of study make up the Master program IAS?

Fields of Study

  • Literature, Culture and Media Studies
  • Contact Linguistics
  • Social Anthropology, Developmental Sociology
  • Political Science
  • Transnational History
  • Religious Sociology

The MA Program Inter-American Studies attaches great importance to an interdisciplinary approach, thus enabling students to build up a specific and individual profile at our foreign partner universities.

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How well do I have to speak English and Spanish to study IAS?

For the Master Program Inter-American Studies you need extensive language skills in English (B2) and Spanish (B1) since a large part of courses will be given in these languages. Proofs of language skills can be provided either before the semester start or during the first term. Students can take the language tests at Bielefeld University. Similar language certificates (e.g. TOEFL) are also accepted.

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How well do I have to speak German to study IAS?

Since some of the courses offered in the Master Program Inter- American Studies are in German, good German language skills are an advantage for IAS students. Furthermore, all applicants who graduated from a university outside of Germany and who cannot present us with proof of their German language skills (DSH-1, ÖSD), must improve their language proficiency during their studies (the Fachsprachenzentrum at Bielefeld University offers several German courses each semester). Before applying for the MA certificate, non-German native speakers are requested to hand in a TestDaF 4x3 or DSH-1 certificate.

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Does the Master IAS require studying abroad?

The M.A. Program in Inter-American Studies is designed to create expertise in international processes of culture-, society-, and communication. Therefore, students are expected to spend at least one semester at one of the partner universities abroad. This provides the opportunity to test the acquired theoretical knowledge in a concrete cultural, social and political environment in the Americas. Additionally, the stay abroad prepares students for their role as intercultural mediators, since they gain deeper insights in the culture and society of their host country. Bielefeld University has numerous partner universities in North and Latin America at which students can continue their degree program in Inter-American Studies.

For more information about studies abroad please click here.

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Does the Master IAS require an internship?

The M.A. Program in Inter-American Studies does not require an internship. Nevertheless an internship- also in connection with a longer stay abroad - has a positive impact on career opportunities. Therefore we recommend an internship. Students can use term breaks or do an internship in connection with their Master`s thesis. For questions concerning internships, please contact our

internship agent Diana Fulger:

Diana Fulger
Phone: +49 521 106-3663
Office: C4-237

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What career prospects does the Master IAS offer?

The M.A. Program in Inter-American Studies helps students aquire professional skills in text and media analysis. Additionally, students gain practical media qualifications through their study project. Consequently, graduates are trained in various career fields. They can pursue a career in the areas of international and development agencies, intercultural communication, public relations, and text- and media-based fields, such as internationally operating PR-agencies and radio- and tv-broadcast stations. Beyond that, graduates can work in internationally operating business assemblies and consultancy, since cultural and language skills in the Anglo- and Latin American region are increasingly gaining significance.

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