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Every social community needs rules to regulate the use of (and the threat of) physical violence. In many transformation and developing countries, such rules are either lacking or are contested, and violence has become one of the biggest obstacles to sustainable development and democracy.

Violence Research

International violence research is still dominated by research institutions in North America, Western Europe, and Australia. Countries heavily affected by violence often lack sufficiently institutionalised academic violence research with international outreach. Many studies in this field are done by international organisations and development agencies, but not by academic institutions.

The International Centre for Violence Research

The ICVR is developing multilateral research projects in which junior and senior researchers of violence-affected countries make substantive contributions to international violence research. Together with the other elements of capacity-building and multilateral cooperation, collaborative research projects will create a first building block for truly inter-national violence research.

Research at ICVR contributes to three research areas:

  • Political Violence
  • Urban and Criminal Violence
  • Violence, Gender and Socialisation

The research areas serve as a basic structure to systematise research topics, and they provide an organisational framework for publishing activities.