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Violence Research and Development


Violence research is poorly institutionalised in many countries that are most heavily affected by conflict and violence. Empirical expertise from the Global South is critically lacking in international violence research.To overcome this deficit, the project integrated cross-regional comparative research on conflict and violence (twenty case studies in five countries), higher education capacity development (twenty Junior Researchers in five countries), and multilateral networking of academics and institutions in Egypt, El Salvador, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, and Germany.

Cross-regional comparative research on intra-societal conflict and violence was at the heart of the project. To facilitate cross-regional comparison of results and to allow for the comparative study of distinct cases, intra-societal violence was further subdivided into five Research Lines (RL), which serve as central organising units for the entire project.

Capacity development of social science institutions and personnel was a precondition for achieving the research objectives in this project.

Multilateral networking offered an opportunity for cooperation between research institutions in the Global North and Global South.


The Bielefeld Winter School (November 4th-21st, 2013) brought together the 20 junior and 11 senior researchers from Egypt, El Salvador, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Peru as well as the Bielefeld ICVR team and other German colleagues for three weeks of seminars, workshops, and lectures.

From April to May 2014, 20 Junior Researchers presented drafts and preliminary findings at Midterm Workshops in El Salvador, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Peru, with active participation of ICVR team members. In collaboration with partner institutions and supervisors, ICVR also organized some public events as a first step to disseminate results into the academic and political fields.

The Frankfurt Summer School (August 25th-September 4th, 2014) assembled 20 junior researchers from El Salvador, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan and Peru and ICVR's Bielefeld team in an amazing exercise of intensive collective learning. Demonstrating a spirit of critical solidarity, the participants enthusiastically discussed their research drafts. In a three-days course "It's time to write from the readers' perspective", communication consultant Mike Gould advised the group to opt for "relevance, credibility, originality, and, above all, readability" in their papers.

The Autumn Workshop held at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research (ZIF), Bielefeld University, from November 4-6th, 2014, assembled eleven distinguished scholars from five countries who served as ICVR's partners and senior Fellows.


Preliminary results have been published as Project Papers.

An edited volume "Violence in the South. Approaches, Experiences, and Perceptions" is currently under review. 


The pilot project has received generous support from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).