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International Conferences

To provide a broader scientific and public discussion focused on specific topics, we organize one major conference per annum at the Center for Interdisciplinary Research of the University of Bielefeld. The major provider of funding has been the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. English titles of previous conferences are:

Society's Response to Xenophobia, Violence, and Rightwing Extremism (1993)

Politicization of Cultural and Religious Differences (1994)

Crisis in the Cities and Ethnic and Cultural Conflicts (1995)

Religious Fundamentalism as a Challenge to Modern Civil Society (1996)

Psychology's Contributions to Regulating Political and Social Conflicts (1996)

Authoritarian Developments in the Era of Globalization (1997)

Violent Crime: Myth and Reality (1998)

Social and Ethnic Conflicts in Cities (1999)

Paradigms and Analytic Problems in Research on Violence (2000)

The Multicultural School (2001)

Denigration, Exclusion, and Violence (2002)

How Dangerous is Urban Segregation? (2004)


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