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Past Research Projects

Title of Project

Project Manager

Integration, Interaction, and the Development of Prejudices and a Propensity for Violence in Youths
November 1999 to October 2005

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Heitmeyer, Dr. Renate Möller

Disintegration Processes—Strengthening the Integration Potentials of Modern Society
(Research Association)
June 2002 to May 2005

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Heitmeyer,
PD Dr. Peter Imbusch

Perceptions of Islam in a Multicultural Population.
An Empirical Examination of Perceptions of Islam to Determine the Conditions and Possibilities of Religious Integration and/or the Mobilization of Right-Wing Extremist Attitudes

June 2002 to May 2005

Prof. Dr. Rainer Dollase

Formative and Summative Evaluation of the Online Project »Exil-Club«
January 2002 to December 2004

Dr. Rainer Strobl

Post-Crime Conflict Regulation: The Fear of Crime and Variations in Reporting Offenses Depending on the Age and Ethnicity of Offenders
May 2001 to November 2003

Prof. Dr. Günter Albrecht

Conflicts over Religious Symbols: The Construction of Mosques and the Islamic Prayer Call in German Cities
November 2000 to October 2002

Dr. Hörg Hüttermann

The Collective Identity Formation Processes of Muslims in Public Conflicts
November 2000 to October 2003

Dr. Levent Tezcan

Desolidarization and Its Social and Political Consequences
(Research Association)
October 2000 to September 2003

Dr. Reinmund Anhut

Right-Wing Extremism and Xenophobia in Eastern German Cities
December 1999 to November 2002

Prof. Dr. Wilhem Heitmeyer

The Formation of Ethnic Colonies
December 1999 to April 2002

Prof. Dr. Günter Albrecht

Multidimensional Images of the Foreigner and Attitude Configurations: A Qualitative Analysis of the Willingness to Integrate in the Allochthonous and Autochthonous Populations
October 1999 to December 2001

Dr. Fridrik Hallsson

Social Incorporation of Tamil Refugees in the Federal Republic of Germany
April 1997 to March 1999

Dr. Kurt Salentin

Social Problems in the Integration of Young Ethnic German Immigrants from Russia
June 1996 to October 1999

Dr. Rainer Strobl

Social Disintegration Processes and Ethnic-Cultural Conflict Constellations in Urban Areas
(Research Association)
May 1996 to May 1999

Dr. Reinmund Anhut

Xenophobia in the Police
July 1995 to September 1996

Prof. Dr. Rainer Dollase

Islamic Fundamentalist Orientations among Turkish Youth
July 1994 to August 1996

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Heitmeyer

Offender Analyses in Ethnically Motivated Violence
August 1993 to July 1995

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Heitmeyer

Individualization and Violence
January 1992 to December 1994

Prof. Dr. Wilhelm Heitmeyer



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