Institut für interdisziplinäre Konflikt- und Gewaltforschung
Universität Bielefeld

	Our theoretical model

As well as observing the extent and development of group-focused enmity, we also seek scientific explanations. That means identifying and verifying the factors that determine the strength of group-focused enmity. Pursuing an explicitly interdisciplinary approach allows us to integrate potential explanatory factors from a wide range of different fields and theoretical perspectives. A phenomenon as complex as group- focused enmity cannot be explained by a single factor. Many different conditions interact to make a person more or less humane or hostile. We can identify factors associated with group-focused enmity all levels from macro (contextual, social structures and conditions), through meso (e.g. relations between groups) to micro (including generalized ideologies and values and individual characteristics and opinions). Our theoretical model is flexible and open to the additional of new explanatory factors. Each annual survey examines a different set of explanatory factors.