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The research group Science – Mass Media – Public

The research group Science – Mass Media – Public has been affiliated to the Institute for Science and Technology Studies (IWT) between 1995-2012.

Historians and sociologists of science jointly adressed questions such as how did the relationship of science and its diverse publics develop over time, how are scientific topics (e.g. climate or biomedicine) presented in the mass media and in what ways do public presentations of science shape research agendas and other aspects of knowledge production.

The group members are listed below with their research expertise and current affiliation:

Dr. Martina Franzen
Key activities: Sociology of science and the media, scientific journals and peer review, scientific misbehaviour, interpretive patterns of biomedicine

Linda Groß, MA of Interdisciplinary Media Studies
Key activities: Sociology of science, media sociology, new forms of knowledge production in the internet, science und new media, qualitative methods

Dr. Jana Klemm
Key activities: Discourse theory and discourse analysis, science/expertise and mass media, expert-journalist-communication

PD Dr. Sybilla Nikolow
Key activities: Science popularisation in museums and exhibitions, history of science, medicine and technology, visual practices in science, history and sociology of the social sciences and humanities

Dipl.-Soz. Claudia Muhl
Key activities: Human-Robot Interaction (HRI), social robotics, ethnomethodology, video methodology

Dr. Petra Pansegrau
Key activities: Public Understanding of Science, science and mass media, metaphors in science journalism, discourse analysis

Dr. Simone Rödder
Key activities: Sociology of science, science communication, theory and practice of science journalism, governance of science and technology, climate communication

Dr. Miriam Voss
Key activities: Science communication, science education, outreach activities

Prof. Dr. Peter Weingart
Key activities: Sociology and history of science, science and technology studies, political sociology, science policy, Public Understanding of Science