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Reception for Master Students

In 2011, the University of Bielefeld set a new item on the cultural agenda: a welcome event exclusively for first-semester master students. Since then, two annual receptions have been hold either in the Theatre of Bielefeld or in the Rudolf-Oetker-Halle.
Looking ahead, we don´t want to resign this festive event!

Invitation for New Years Welcome 2014

Bild: Theater Bielefeld

For the upcoming master´s reception, the Theatre of Bielefeld and the Center for Aesthetics invite to a theatre experience of a special kind. On Monday, 27th of January at 16 pm, new master students have the opportunity to look behind the scenes: after an exclusive tour through the theatre´s studios, costume and prop fundus, we will sit in on the final rehearsal for “Much ado about nothing” by William Shakespeare.
Michael Heicks, artistic director of the Theatre of Bielefeld, Yvonne Barkowsky, managing director of the Center for Aesthetics and a member of the alumni network warmly welcome the students. Sparkling wine and snacks round up the evening in an exclusive atmosphere.
A cooperation of the Center for Aesthetics with the Theatre of Bielefeld kindly supported by the alumni-network of the University of Bielefeld e.V.

In love with me? O, that has to be answered!

A victorious prince, a soldier in love and a charming governor´s daughter. Discord, reproach of betrayal and a shattered wedding. But the page is turning when a woman-hater and a man-hater tempt fate and overcome their mutual despite. Shakespeare par excellence.

You will gain special insights into a production of the Theatre of Bielefeld! On this evening you will experience that special moment in the final rehearsal when after weeks of preparations and rehearsals, all strings run together in a play on the big stage and the rehearsing process culminates in the crucial final phase.