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University of Amsterdam, October 2012. Statistical practices and the accumulation of knowledge.

Bielefeld University, CITEC Summer School, October 2012. Stream 2: Gesture in Communication, with Alibali, M., Gaschler, A., Kopp, S. , & S. Loth.

Bielefeld University, Workshop on Neurobiology of Embodied Language (NOEL), October 2011. Embodied cognition: How throwing out the baby with the bathwater has led us up the garden path.

Bielefeld University, GESPIN conference, September 2011. Paradoxes in the relation between iconic gesture and speech.

University of Southern California, August 2010. Prediction in turn-taking: the ultimate challenge for social robotics.

Queen Mary University, London, March 2010. Null hypothesis significance testing: why its application is leading us astray, and what we can and cannot do about it.

Bielefeld University, Cognitive Interaction Technology Excellence Cluster, February 2009. Turn-taking as a challenge for communiation with artificial agents.

Southampton University, Dept. of Computer Science, January 2008. The CLASSIC simulator project: implementing boxologies.

Tilburg University, September 2007. De productie van spraak en hun begeleidende gebaren. (The production of speech and their accompanying gestures.)

Indiana University, Indianapolis, Dept. of Otolaryngology, August 2006. Projecting the end of a speaker's turn, A cognitive cornerstone of conversation.

Saarbrücken University, Dept. of Computational Linguistics, July 2004.A method for analyzing turn-taking behavior in task-related dialogues.


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De Ruiter, J.P. (2012). Kommunikation im 21. Jahrhundert: Alter Dialog-Wein in neuen Technik-Schläuchen. Zeitschrift für Literaturwissenschaft und Linguistik.

De Ruiter, J. P. (2012). How (not) to give a talk. Geo.brief 6. (Download PDF)

De Ruiter, J. P. (2011). Review of Morsella, E. (Ed.) (2010). Expressing Oneself / Expressing One's Self: Communication, Cognition, Language, and Identity. Gesture, 11(1), 89-94. (Download PDF)

Kuggeleijn, J. & De Ruiter, J. P. (2006). Met de angst in de pen: waarom ambtenaren zo merkwaardig schrijven. (“Writing with trepidation: why civil servants write so strangely.”). Onze Taal, 75(9), 236-237. (Download PDF)