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Multicultural Literatures of the United States

African American Literature

African American Music

Avant-garde and Performance studies

Transnational American Studies

Inter-American Studies

Film Studies

Postcolonial Literatures (Canada, US, Caribbean, South Asian, Asian American Literature)

Research Projects - Prof. Raussert

  • 2014-2018
    Re-thinking the Americas: Key Terms for Inter-American Studies: Literature and Music (with Giselle Anatol, The University of Kansas; Sarah Corona Berkin (Universidad de Guadalajara)
  • 2015-2017
    Fandango Sin Fronteras: Documentary Film Project on Music, Migration, and Politics of Belonging (with Meira Goldberg, Cuny New York; Rafael Figuera (Veracruz); Martha Gonzalez, Scribbs College, CA)
  • 2015-2016
    A Companion to Inter-American Studies (with scholars from Canada, Latin America, and the US) 2013-2016 Mobility in the Americas: Traveling Concepts, Ideas, and Imaginaries (with Maryemma Graham, The University of Kansas; Claudius Clairborne, The University of Texas, Houston)
  • 2012/2013
    Speaker and as of 2013 Chair of the Research Network "The Americas as Entangled Space"
  • 2008
    Research Fellow Research Group E Pluribus Unum?; Ethnic Identities of Transnational Integration in the Americas (ZiF, Center for Interdisciplinary Research)
  • 2008
    Co-Director of Film Project SFB 584: The Political as Communicative Space in History. Project: Autoethnography: Documentary Film in the Borderlands and New Ethnicities (Raussert/Thies); the special research group is hosted by the Department of History at the Bielefeld University. (DFG)
  • 2008
    General Editor of the E-journal fiar forum for inter-american studies (American Studies) comparative approach to area studies in the field of American Studies and Inter-American Studies
  • 2006
    Director of IPF International Postgraduate Forum - The forum has etablished a regional and international network for doctoral students in British-American and Inter-American Studies with a research emphasis on identity with annual international conferences. (Rektoratsmittel der Universität Bielefeld)