Former students of English and American Studies can be found in different areas, varying in profession, location and position. We want to stay in touch with you, as an alumus/alumna, and learn from your experience and provide expertise.

At Bielefeld University there is an alumni club providing a network of friends and alumni of Bielefeld University. But we have more to offer: As you remember there is the English Drama Group and other activities, where alumni are always welcome.

Photo of Heike Rische

Everything I learned during my studies at Bielefeld University I have been using from day one on my job in the human resources department. As I am in close contact with foreign sites of our company I practice what I learned on a daily basis. Language skills as well as the understanding of other cultures are essential for a functioning and good communication and, consequently, for my everyday work.
[Heike Rische,]

Photo of Daniela Wächter

Many of the skills I acquired and extended during my English studies I have been using since my first day on the job — be it writing press releases, brochures, or newsletters. Only by understanding language and foreign language structures and their functions and multiple uses are we able to create really good texts in English as well as in German.
[Daniela Wächter,]

Photo of Julia Lehmann

In my English classes at Bielefeld and Bonn Universities I learned how to structure complex issues and how to prioritize - essential skills for PR and HR professionals. Furthermore, I still benefit from the deepened understanding of language which I acquired during my studies.
[Julia Lehmann (geb. Schormann), Inhaberin, fidea - Beratung für Kommunikation;]

Photo of Tom Alby

I use what I learned in my English classes at Bielefeld University every day, especially the Linguistics knowledge. The 'allroundness' of the studies has also been extremely helpful.
[Tom Alby,]