Saturday, July 19, Hörsaal 1 and Hörsaal 4, Test 10:00-10:30, results to be announced at 12.00 or later.


Saturday, July 12, H1, 10am-11am: please note that potential new students have to take the ENTRANCE TEST (see above), not the Proficiency Test.

Queering Gender, 18 July to 25 July, 2014

Over the past decade or so Queer Studies has emerged as an increasingly important field of inquiry in the study of gender. The summer school, led by Professor William Leap, American University, Washington, DC, and currently the most eminent practitioner of queer linguistics, and Professor Karen Tongson, University of Southern California, integrating queer theory into cultural studies, will give students the unique opportunity of finding out at first hand about an approach not represented at Bielefeld University. Having familiarized themselves with the basics of the approach, students will be able to assess its potential by devising and carrying out small research projects of their own.

Staff Workshop Queering Studies

Monday, July 28th all day: Prof. William Leap, Queer Linguistics. This workshop reviews key themes in queer theory and examines their relevance for critical discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, ecolinguistics, language planning as well as for work in language, gender and sexuality studies. Monday, July 28th, morning only: Dr. Karen Tongson, Queer Cultural Studies. General discussion of issues in queer cultural studies and queer of color critique: definitions of terms, strands of thought, discussion of major scholars. Monday July 28th, afternoon: Public lecture Empty Orchestra: Karaoke and Queer Performance illustrating themes and demonstrating theoretical frameworks in the work of Professor Tongson and other scholars in the area of queer cultural studies. Tuesday, July 29th, morning: Joint session with William Leap and Karen Tongson for all faculty participants.

Broadcasting the Americas: Academic reflections and media practice on politics and culture, 20 July to 1 August 2014

The interdisciplinary Center for InterAmerican Studies at Bielefeld University is hosting this international two-week summer school, a joint Erasmus IP project involving nine European institutions of higher education. In a series of workshops, students will be introduced to some central issues in the area of Inter-American Studies; in parallel, students will be learning the basics of radio journalism, including technical skills, and will develop a radio feature on the Americas. Further information at CIAS, Summer School


The remaining ENTRANCE TEST dates and venues for 2014 are as follows:

Saturday, July 19, Hörsaal 1 and Hörsaal 4, Test 10:00-10:30, results to be announced at 12.00 or later.

Saturday, September 20, Hörsaal 1 and Hörsaal 4, Test 10:00-10:30, results to be announced at 12.00 or later.

Signing up for the July ET will begin on June 15 and continue until July 15. Signing up for the September ET will begin on September 1 and continue until September 18.
PLEASE NOTE THAT Marilyn Schapiro should be contacted with any questions about the Entrance Test that cannot be answered by the online information you will find on this page and pages it links to.
For further information, please click on "Future Students" on the left.


The remaining PT dates and venues for 2014 are:

Saturday, July 12, H1, 10am-11am, Interviews from 11:45

Monday, September 22, H1, 10am-11am, Interviews from 11:45

The signing up period for the PTs will, as always, be announced by a newsletter sent to all students.
Potential new students: the Proficiency Test is NOT the same thing as the Entrance Test (see above!) which you have to pass to be admitted to Anglistik: British and American Studies.


The editors of fiar (forum for inter-american research) would like announce the publication of the new issue, Vol. 7 No. 1 (February 2014 / Febrero 2014): The Open Issue FIAR Volume 7.1


Although the (true) origins of the English Stammtisch are lost in the mists of time, it was founded soon after the Faculty was, by the first English Lektors to work here in Bielefeld, as a place where students and staff could meet informally to speak English in a relaxed and unconstrained atmosphere. In the forty or so years since the Stammtisch started up, it has been attended by people from all over the world. Students and visiting scholars from India, China, Japan, USA, Pakistan, Australia and, yes, Germany, and even England (and Scotland!) as well, so people of all shapes, sizes, ages and professions meet there. Why not collar a friend and join in too? More information can be found at English Stammtisch.


For those students planning careers as English teachers, a stint as a foreign language assistant for learners of German is an ideal opportunity to fulfil your "Internationalisation" requirements whilst gaining teaching experience and immersing yourself in an English-speaking social and cultural environment. Further information and application forms can be found on the PAD website


Members of staff and postgraduate students in our section have been publishing prolifically of late! There is now a new section on the website with details of recent publications.
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