British Literature and Culture

Literature has dominated cultural expression for centuries. The section of British Literary and Cultural Studies aims at giving drama, prose and poetry their due – from around the 16th century until today. Another central aspect of our work is the engagement with literary and cultural theories and the interrelationship of social and cultural change. Our teaching and research covers a great variety of approaches to and aspects of the literature and culture of the British Isles. It also considers media and art forms, such as film, painting, photography, music and non-literary texts.

All members of staff in our section have their own fields of expertise and specialisation. Still, we share the conviction that any cultural production, literary or otherwise, must be analysed in the context of social, political, ideological and economic history. We also believe that what a particular community in history perceives as their reality is the result of constructions in various discourses. The study of the history of the mentalities and media, as well as social and political history are thus part and parcel of our work.


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