Master of Arts (M.A.) British and American Studies

NB: Information on the current Master of Arts (M.A.) British and American Studies in the new model can be found here!

Structure (Note that the following information refers to the MA model before 2012/13; for the current MA, please follow the link above)

The modules are part of the 4-semester course of studies, together with a section called individual supplementary study.

structure master british and american study

Special Features

Throughout your studies you will be counselled and supported by your academic advisor who teaches in the field of your specialisation (British Literature and Culture, American Literature and Culture, Linguistics). Your academic advisor counsels you in your studies and ensures coherence and successful specialisation in your studies. Moreover, he or she is available for more general questions and advice.

General information and applications, contact:
Dr. Julia Andres
Dr.  Marion Schulte
Additional Information
If you have questions concerning deadlines, forms or finances, please see Links + Downloads. This is the official "Module Handbook" for the MA (in German). MA British and American Studies Modulhandbuch