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Linguistics: Work Groups

Faculty of Linguistics & Literary Studies  

This page offers an overview about the linguistc work groups of Bielefeld University. To get to the group's websites, simply click on the title or the picture next to the description.

Communication Analysis
The Communication Analysis Group, deals with the investigation of situated interaction processes in professional and everyday contexts.
Emergentist Semantics
Cognitive and language development, parent-child Communication, first language acquisition
General Linguistics
The website of the work group General Linguistics
Language and Cognition
Language and Cognition. Sentence comprehension. Visual context effects. Eye tracking.
Language and the brain, Language evolution, Neuroscientific techniques
Phonetics and Phonology
Prosody, Speech Technology, Speech Production and Perception, Monolingual and Cross-lingual Sound Pattern Analysis
Cognitive basics of human language processing
Theor. Computer Linguistics
Applications of computers and computer science in linguistics and in the treatment of texts and structured data, mathematical linguistics