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Workshop: Information structure in Spoken Language Corpora (ISSLaC)

University of  Bielefeld, June 10-12, 2013

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How to get to Bielefeld University:

Please refer to the travel information page of the University of Bielefeld for information on how to travel to Bielefeld. We have also prepared a description of how to get to the university, how to find the workshop location within the university, and how to get to the workshop dinner


Accommodation options

It is recommended to book accommodation as soon as possible, as there may be high demand during the time of the workshop.

The University of Bielefeld website provides an accommodation information page, listing those hotels in Bielefeld that the University has arranged special conditions with (including the local YHA).

If you would like to book a room in one of these hotels, please mention that you are visiting the University of Bielefeld and ask for the special rate. Some hotels may require a certain booking code - if that happens please contact the organizers, let us know which hotel you are trying to book, and we will provide the required code.

If you like to book a room at the Comfort Garni Hotel Stadt Bremen (which is where the invited speakers will be staying), please contact the hotel by email and do not book it through any online booking sites! Please mention our conference in your email, and provide your arrival and departure dates.