Scientific Writing

Dr. Vera Leberecht | 22nd & 23rd of March 2018 | Thur, 22-03-2018 from 10:00 (s.t.) a.m. to 05:00 p.m. | Fri, 23-03-2018 from 9:30 (s.t.) a.m. to 04:30 p.m. | Room: tba

This workshop supports PhD students and young researchers in the technical, natural and life sciences (Faculties of Biology, Chemistry, Health Science, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology and Sports Science, Technology) in areas that are challenging or difficult for many young researchers who need to produce professional texts in English. Individual and group exercises, discussions, and trainer input help participants to reflect on their own approaches to writing, their problems and possible problem solving strategies. Participants get to know techniques and strategies that may be transferred to their current writing projects immediately and that facilitate more effective, efficient, and successful professional writing.

The two-day, hands-on workshop covers the following topics:

  • a professional approach to the process of scientific writing;
  • useful techniques for getting started, and finding and organising ideas;
  • useful vocabulary for presenting ideas and arguments by other authors;
  • organising and presenting information in a comprehensive and reader-friendly way;
  • language matters: avoiding typical problems in formal written English;
  • dealing effectively with collaborative writing projects;
  • giving and receiving constructive text feedback;
  • scientific writing in English: useful resources.

In addition, other topics may be discussed, according to the needs and wishes of the participants.

Dr. Vera Leberecht (Maastricht/NL) studied Linguistics, Intercultural Communication, and Theology in Germany and Finland; received additional training as a trainer for professional writing; worked as head of the English section of the Language Centre at Maastricht University for several years; works as a trainer for writing and other work that makes sense, in academia and beyond.

The workshop is conducted in English.

Please make your registration until 05-03-2018.

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Claudia Jockisch
+49 (0)521 / 106-3367

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