Meeting and Moderation Techniques

Matt Beadle | 11.06.2018 | 09:00 (s.t.) - 17:00 | C3-137


In this workshop you will experience and learn about powerful moderation and facilitation techniques, which you could then use to organise and structure your own events, workshops, meetings, conferences, working groups etc.
With the focus firmly on “ learning by doing ”, all the participants will actively experience a number of facilitation settings and tools as a participant, which should help them to better empathise with their future workshop participants.
You will learn the importance of planning, communication, workshop rhetoric, the use of modern media, visualisation techniques as well as being introduced to a number of classic, powerful facilitation settings - all of which are helpful in achieving particular workshop/working group goals.

The workshop will cover the following:

  • The importance of philosophical position and stance
  • "The Circle Way" - a leader in every chair
  • "Appreciate Inquiry (AI)" - helping groups and individuals learn from and build on past successes
  • "Open Space" - Often the first step in strategy/idea creation of workshops. Brainstorming, networking and teamwork all in one
  • "World Café" - an excellent method for addressing compex questions with small to large groups.
  • "Dynamic Facilitation" - powerful group coaching tool to help get to the bottom of issues
  • Flipchart visualisation - simple, dreative flipchart techniques, that anyone can learn, that can add that touch of professionalism to your events.

The workshop will be a lot of fun, will be held in English and delivered by a native speaker facilitation expert.

Target group:

All academic staff

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