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Teaching Skills in English

Dr. Yvonne Zips (Sprachraum LMU) | 08-02-2018 & 09-02-2018 | Do 10:00 (s.t) - 17:00 h, Fr 09:00 (s.t.) - 16:00 h

Teaching in higher education is demanding. This workshop gives you a basic overview and practical advice about teaching and planning a course.

A: Didactics

  • Tasks of a lecturer
  • How to define learning objectives
  • How to structure courses - designing a detailed structure plan
B: Methodology
  • How to make use of people's learning habits
  • Methods for different course phases and group sizes (ranging from small seminars to big lectures)
C: Learning Outcomes
  • You become familiar with your role as a lecturer
  • You know didactic essentials and can apply them
  • You can autonomously choose and apply methods according to your teaching format and learning objectives

This workshop is exclusively for the University's teaching staff.

You will get 14 AE for "Bielefelder Zertifikat für Hochschullehre" in Themenfeld A (Didaktische Methoden).

Registration is possible up to 22-01-2018

Registration & contact:

Claudia Jockisch
+49 (0)521 / 106-3367