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Research Group Theoretical Philosophy

Our research group strives to create a lively research environment for all those with projects in theoretical philosophy here at Bielefeld University, or with ties to it.

The group is organized around the chair of theoretical philosophy held by Christian Nimtz, but we invite everyone with projects in fields such as the philosophy of language, the philosophy of mind, epistemology, theory of action, metaphysics or meta-philosophy.

You find an overview of the people working here, the projects they pursue, the flagship projects we as a group try to push along as well below. If you are interested in theoretical philosophy, please do check out our 'research seminar theoretical philosophy'.

If you want to learn more, please contact us: Prof. Christian Nimtz 




Christian Nimtz, Professor
Chair of Theoretical Philosophy
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works on topics in the philosophy of language, (modal) epistemology, the philosophy of mind and meta-philosophy
Peter Schulte, Dr.
Assistant Professor
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works on topics in the philosophy of mind, metaphysics and meta-ethics
Fabian Hundertmark, M.A.
doctoral student
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works on topics in the philosophy of mind
Steve Kindley, M.A.
doctoral student
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works on topics in epistemology


Romy Jaster (HU Berlin), Dr. postdoc
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works on topics in metaphysics, the philosophy of language and epistemology
Wolfgang Schwarz, Dr.
DAAD-scholar, moved to Edinburgh in 01/2015
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works on topics in epistemology, the philosophy of language, metaphysics and logic.
Insa Lawler (Duisburg-Essen), M.A.
doctoral student
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works on topics in the philosophy of language and the philosophy of science
Lars Dänzer, (Duisburg-Essen), Dr.
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works on topics in the philosophy of language and the philosophy of mind



Get-together on Christmas 2016:

Dinner at the end of the summer semester 2016:

Research Seminar Theoretical Philosophy

The main forum of our research group is the “Research Seminar Theoretical Philosophy”, where we discuss papers contributed by participants or invited guests. See here for details and the current schedule.


Joint Research Colloquium Bielefeld-Münster-Osnabrück

Once a term we meet with people working in theoretical philosophy from Osnabrück (Prof. Kompa) and Münster (Prof. Strobach).


Workshops & Conferences

At least once a year, we have an international workshop related to one of our flagship projects.

We will be having a workshop on "Animal Signals - Function, Evolution and Meaning" in May 2017.

Here is a list of our past workshops: 



Our Flagship Projects

There are two flagship-projects related to our research group. The one is the project "Advancing Teleosemantics" funded by the German Research Council (DFG).

The other is a broader project on two-dimensional semantics and its implications for the semantics of natural languages, rigidity & essence, ethics and fiction.  


Invidividual Research Projects


Some Current and Recent Research Projects

Agent’s Abilities and Freedom of the Will PhD project
Barbara Vetter (HU Berlin) / Christian Nimtz
2013 -
Romy Jaster
Tugenderkenntnistheorie PhD project
Christian Nimtz / Gerhard Ernst (Erlangen)
2013 -
Steve Kindley
Der Funktionsbegriff der Teleosemantik PhD project
Christian Nimtz / Peter Schulte
2013 -
Fabian Hundertmark
Intentional Explanation and Teleosemantic Content postdoc project ('Habilitation')
2010 -
Peter Schulte
Wissen, was möglich ist PhD project
Christian Nimtz / Peter Schulte
2011 - 2013
Sebastian Müller
Sentence Understanding and the Rational-Intentional
Explanation of Linguistic Communication
PhD project
Brendan Balcerak Jackson / Thomas Grundmann /Christian Nimtz
2010 - 2013
Lars Dänzer



Recent MA- and BA-Theses (Only the Exceptional Ones) 

On the Pluralities of Worlds: Characterisation and Object Individuation
in Extended Modal Meinongianism
Christian Nimtz / Marcus Kracht
Daniel Milne-Plückebaum
A Shotgun Wedding? – Non-Declaratives and Truth-Conditional Semantics MA-thesis
Christian Nimtz / Peter Schulte
Insa Lawler
Kontrafaktische Kausalitätstheorien BA-thesis
Peter Schulte / Christian Nimtz
Stefan Guhe




Verantwortlich für die Pflege der Seite: Prof. Christian Nimtz.