Fakultät für Soziologie
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The Faculty of Sociology integrates a broad range of sociological, social science and political science research. The faculty’s many professorships allow for wide-ranging debate and collaboration with other academic disciplines. Alongside numerous individual projects (detailed under research profile and research units), the faculty currently has two collaborative research foci on inequality (SFB 882) and world society studies (IW). From the research web page you can also access the titles of dissertations and habilitation theses completed within past years. These illustrate the importance of the faculty in training young researchers.

In 2005, Bielefeld University and the Faculty of Sociology instituted the Niklas Luhmann Guest Professorship. Internationally acclaimed social theorists are invited to teach and research in Bielefeld for a one- to two-year period. Previous appointments and the current program can be found under guest professorship. This web page also links to more information about the Centre for German and European Studies in St. Petersburg, co-led by the Faculty of Sociology, and the Data Service Center for Business and Organizational Data (DSC–BO). The DSC–BO archives data from research on organizations and businesses and makes it available for secondary analysis. You will also find a record of publications written by faculty members, as well as a list of all ongoing projects funded by third parties.

Faculty members are currently applying for additional funds for the estate of Niklas Luhmann, so that it can be catalogued, preserved and in part prepared for publication.

You will find more detailed information on research by faculty members and their associates on the web page of the individual professors (staff).


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