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Lecture series: 'Signaturen der Weltgesellschaft':


24.10.2017, 6.15 p.m., room X-C3-107
Heidi Tworek (Vancouver):
“Lies are the Law of the World!”
News and Global Media Networks in the Twentieth Century


28.11.2017, 6.15 p.m., room X-C3-107
George Lawson (London):
"Global Historical Sociology"




+"Postcolonial Thought and Social Theory" - Workshop with Julian Go, Boston University

19.07.2017 // 09.30 - 15.00 h // Bielefeld University
Institute for World Society Studies
Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology (BGHS)
Organisers: Simon Hecke, Sebastian Lemme

Postcolonial Thought and Social Theory. Julian Go, Oxford University Press 2016.




We are pleased to announce that the DFG has approved our Research Training Group application. The new Research Training Group `World politics: The emergence of political arenas and modes of observation in world society´ will start 01 October 2017.


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