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Global Perceptions of Inequality in World Society.

Funded by: Project Segment of SFB 882 (Collaborative Research Centre) „From Heterogenities to Inequalities“

Principal investigators:
  • Prof. Dr. Mathias Albert (Bielefeld University)
  • Dr. Martin Koch (Bielefeld University)
Project member: Dr. Katja Freistein
Project Duration: 2011 - 2015


Project Description:

The project traces the emergence of the semantics of global inequality in world society. It empirically reconstructs the ways and means in which, in the context of the discourse on development, ideas of global inequality were formed within international organizations, understood as the entrepreneurs of global semantics. Within this framework, the project is particularly interested in the question of whether semantics of global inequality were primarily formed through discourses on, for example, global justice, climate change, environment, or security.