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Working Paper Series ‚Comparative Governance‘

The Working Group ‘Comparative Political Science’ issues a Working Paper Series which publishes recent and current findings from the Working Group. The latest Working Papers include:

Working Paper No.1
Public Procurement as Social Policy?
(Sarter/Sack/Fuchs, August 2014)

Working Paper No.2
SME-friendly public procurement in Germany?
(Sarter/Fuchs/Sack, September 2014)

Neue Postfächer im X-Gebäude auf C2 - gegenüber vom Prüfungsamt C2-101:

PF 363: Albert, Koch, Dodd, Bucher// PF 375: Flügel-Martinsen// PF 340: Sack, Karpf// PF 352: Warrelmann// PF 364: Sarter, Fuchs

The Department of Political Science


Political Science is an independent department for research and teaching within the scope of the Faculty of Sociology at the University of Bielefeld.


Along with the other working groups of the field of “Politics and Society”, the department of “Political Science” (working group of Prof. Dr. Mathias Albert and Prof. Dr. Detlef Sack) assumes the political science core area of teaching. This field of teaching concerns especially the Bachelor degree program Political Science and Social Science, the Master degree program Political Communication and also postgraduate studies.


Most of the “Political Science” research activities are located at the Institute for World Society Studies which is part of the Faculty of Sociology. In compliance with the integration into the Faculty of Sociology, the working area is focusing on embedding political science research questions into Theories of Society. Therefore theoretical approaches of political science and sociology are linked together.


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