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Study at Bielefed University

At Bielefeld University, sociology enjoys the institutional autonomy of a faculty. The Bielefeld faculty is one of the largest academic facilities devoted to sociology in Europe.

The size of the faculty is mirrored by the unique diversity of courses and the broad spectrum of research topics. Alongside basic theoretical research, for example the development of sociological systems theory building on the work of Niklas Luhmann, numerous research projects deal with contemporary social problems. Poverty research, research in the field of women’s and gender studies, projects on social change in (East) Germany as well as on environmental risks or media sociology are examples of the extensive research interests covered.

The Faculty of Sociology at Bielefeld University currently offers a total of six BA, MA or PhD programs:

In addition, the faculty participates – in some case taking a leading role – in the following interdisciplinary courses of study:

Finally, the faculty collaborates in the international course of study at the Faculty of Sociology at St. Petersburg State University, Russian Federation:  

On the following pages you will find a detailed overview of the profile and structure of each individual course of study as well as information for students and prospective students. You will also find extensive information on the online course catalogue (eKVV) and on opportunities for counselling.


Information on available scholarships can be found here (you will be redirected from the Faculty of Sociology website).


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