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Citec Projects

:: Large Scale Projects

Intelligent Coaching Space

In this project, we explore how to most effectively support humans during the performance and the learning of motor actions.

Deep Familiarization and Learning Grounded in Cooperative Manual Action and Language (FAMULA)

The Large scale project FAMULA focuses on a robot's autonomous familiarization with novel objects and their affordances.

:: Interdisciplinary Projects

Brain machine interfaces to improve human interactions using resource efficienyand adaptivity

How can multimodal brain-machine interfaces be applied to improve human machine interactions qualitatively?

Single and Dyadic Visuo-Haptic Learning

This project introduces a novel physical, visuo-haptic and bi-manual, maze task to investigate the question of how humans acquire a newmanual skill.

:: High Risk Projects

Cognitive control and neurophysiological bases of planning and executing manual actions

This project's main purpose is to provide a better understanding of the (neuro)-functional relationship of cognitive functions and action.

BMBF Projects

Adaptive and Mobile Action Assistance in Daily Living Activities (ADAMAAS) - adaptive technical systems - for an intuitive interaction between humans and complex technologies

This project focuses on the development and testing of intelligent glasses. It combines techniques from memory research ...

Networked Living - The Smart Apartment (KogniHome)

The research goal of KogniHome is to develop and implement technology that improves the everyday live quality of inhabitants of a smart home.

KogniHome Subproject III: Personal Coach

The supportive personal coach project strives to develop an individualized, adaptive health-training utilizing modern sensor technology and psychological methods.

EU Projects

Adaptive and Modulare Architecture of Rich Motor Skills (AMARSi)

DFG Projects

Chess Expertise from Eye Gaze and Emotions (CEEGE)

The aim of this project is to experimentally evaluate and compare current theories for mental modeling for problem solving and attention.

Cognitive mechanisms of motor planning - how cognitive and mechanical costs of a motor task affect the fractions of motor plan reuse and novel planning (CogMech)

von Bodelschwingh Foundation (Bethel) Projects

Adaptive Cognitive Training (ACT)

This project from Bielefeld University and the v. Bodelschwinghsch Bethel Foundation aims to help handicapped individuals easily master the steps of on-the-job tasks.

Use of interactive media to promote mobility of adolescents with disabilities

In this project interactive media is used in particular sporting situations to promote health and prevention.

BISP Projects

Psychological support and consultancy of the Germany's female Youth Volleyball National Team on its way to the European and World Championship. (MentPower V)

The main objective of the present project was the psychological support and supervision of the German female volleyball national team (under 18) on their way to the European and World championship.

VW Stiftung

Motion Together

This Art and Science project focuses on entrainment in dance, investigating complex processes of interaction, coordination and synchronization from a multidisciplinary perspective.

DAAD Projects

Thematic Network Interactive Intelligent Systems

The overarching goal of this Thematic Network is to establish permanent international research cooperation at the educational and scientific levels.

Forschungsfonds Medizin

Forschungsfonds Medizin

This project aims to understand the influence of physical activity on the progress and outcome of standard depression therapy and to understand the underlying changes in (brain) neuroplasticity.

Gradschool Projects 'Cognitive Interaction Technology'

Ideomotor Stimulation in Manual Actions: Synchronized Brainwaves and Eye Tracking Measurement
Action event discrimination and sensorimotor interlingua
Action Observation, Motor Imagery and Cognitive Representation in Learning Complex
Objects Representation, from cognition to action
Exploring Gaze Behavior in Action Execution and Motor Imagery during Manual Interception
The effect of SMR neurofeedback training on mental representation and golf putting performance
Neurophysiological bases of preparation and execution of uni manual grasping
Holistic account of competitive state anxiety on perceptual motor task
Information processing during action observation and imitation - memory encoding, retrieval, and the influence from higher cognitive functions
The influence of recent events in situated language understanding: timing, type of process and memory
Spatial Language and Attention (SPLAT)

Bielefelder Nachwuchsfonds

The effect of sensorimotor rhythm neurofeedback on sport performance
In my mind's eye: Exploring the similarities in motor planning between executing, imagining and observing an action
Wie man Aepfel mit Birnen vergleicht

Further Projects

Mental representation of the overhead throw in children and adolescents aged six to 18 years

Completed Projects

For further Information about completed research projects of the "Neurocognition and Action - Biomechanics" Research Group, please click [ here ].