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(Vorläufiger) Titel der Abschlussarbeit bzw. des Vorhabens

González, Yaatsil Guevara "Invisible boundaries: Transitory belonging and interactions of Transit Migrants crossing Mexico"
Hölzle, Éva Rozália "Democracy, Violence and Emotions: Struggles over Land in Contemporary Bangladesh"
Adeli, Jelena "Mobilität und Klimawandel auf Kap Verde: lokale Perspektiven globaler Phänomene"
Potthoff, Sarah "Negotiating women's rights and cultural diversity - A qualitative study about Nari Adalats (parastatal women's courts) and the implementation of women's rights in Uttar Pradesh, India"
Lemme, Sebastian "Postkoloniale Imaginationen, Weißsein und visuelle Kommunikation: Zur Kontinuität und Transformation deutscher Selbst- und Fremdbilder im visuellen Diskurs um nationale Zugehörigkeit"
Grill, Claudia "Klimandel in der Hudson Bay - Lokale Perspektiven eines globalen Phänomens"
Dubey, Naveen "Madhesi Ethnic Activism"
Heinze, Marie-Christine "Weapons in the Republic of Yemen: Representations, Practices, Discourses"

Abgeschlossene Dissertationen

Nachname, Vorname (Jahr)

Titel der Abschlussarbeit bzw. des Vorhanbens

Susewind, Raphael "How do strategic discourses combine with personal experiences to form Muslim belonging in a North Indian town? The politics and poetics of belonging"
Gukelberger, Sandrine (2013) "Whose Rainbow Nation? Local Politics and Belonging in Cape Town, South Africa"
Hecker, Friso (2012) "Contesting Sovereignty – Making a State: Maoist mobilization in Nepal and its interrelation with local subjectivities and the state in Dang"
Noorman, Abdullah (2011) "Alternative Discourses, Local Knowledge(s), and the (Re)construction of Realities: Spirit Possession among the Orang Melayu in Singapore and Peninsular Malaysia"
Strulik, Stefanie "The Embeddedness of the Political: Changing Gender Relations and Women's Political Participation in Indian Panchayati Raj Institutions"
Low, Kelvin (2010) "The Samsui Women Community in Early and Contemporary Singapore: Gender Migrant Labour, Life Stories and Transnationality"
Parajuli, Lok Ranjan (2009) "An Inquiry into the Politics of Education in Panchayat Era (1960-1990), Nepal"
Anghel, Remus G. (2009) "Irregularity and Risks in Europe. Case studies with Romanian migrants in Milan and Nürnberg and their transnational practices"
Cho, Mihye (2007) "Arena of Cultural Politics: a case of the Hong-dae area in Seoul"
Gerharz, Eva (2007) "Global Visions of Development: Negotiating Peace and Reconstruction in Jaffna, Sri Lanka"
Lu, Mei-huan (2005) "A Social Anthropological Aspect on a Pilgrimage of Taiwan"
Rai, Kavita (2005) "Dam Development: The Dynamics of Social Inequality in a Hydropower Project Nepal"
Richner, Barbara (2005) "'Im Tod sind alle gleich' - Der Umgang mit kulturell-religiösen Anliegen nicht-christlicher Religionsgemeinschaften in der Schweiz am Beispiel des Bestattungswesens" (University of Zurich)
Kassahun, Samson (2004) "Social Capital for Synergetic Partnership: Development of Pure Localities in Urban Ethiopia"
Mutie, Pius Mutuku (2003) "Making sense of harmonious coexistence and ethnic rivality among the Akamba and the Maasai peoples of Kenya"
Alim, Abdulkadir M. (2002) "The Changing Nature of the Global Refugee and Immigration Movement: The Case of Somali People"
Salzbrunn, Monika (2001) "Espaces sociaux transnationaux. Pratiques politiques et religieuses liées à la migration des musulmans sénégalais en France et en Allemagne, en particulier pendant les campagnes électorales du nouveau President du Sénégal, Abdoulaye Wade (1994-2001)" (Co- tutelle University of Bielefeld and EHESS, Paris)


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