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Kleine LeFo

New trends in immigration to Germany: Characteristics, actors and policies

Mustafa Aksakal und Kerstin Schmidt

SoSe 2015, WiSe 2015/2016

Migration is a highly dynamic process and its patterns change over time. These developments depend on a variety of influencing factors. The Lehrforschung aims to address questions with regard to these changes and focusses on characteristics, actors and policies in the German context.
The first sequence of the Lehrforschung (summer term 2015) is divided into four thematic blocks. First, different theoretical approaches on migration will be addressed. Second, an overview about a concrete example of research on current immigration to Germany will be offered. Third, an introduction into qualitative research methods relevant in the context of studying migration will be provided. Fourth, work in small groups will enable students to develop the research design for their study.
The programme of this semester aims to prepare students for their fieldwork, which should be finalized before the start of the winter term in October. The second part of the seminar, to take place in the winter term 2015/2016, will focus on different forms of analysis of the interview material as well as on the oral and written presentation of the results.


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