Conflict Mediation
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Conflict Mediation and Mediation in Schools

Conflict mediation is playing an increasingly important role in daily school life. This has been demonstrated both by diverse media reports on schools in Berlin and by the discussion on the violence that children see and experience every day (TV, computer games, internet, schoolyard). This religio-didactic research involves theoretical assessment [JR8] in schools in connection with the practical implementation of mediation, with a particular view to the possibilities that are open to teaching staff that is theologically trained. The specific theological reflexivity and interpretation of intermediation and reconciliation are important from the viewpoint of religious instruction. In seminars with students who are in contact with school mediators, Schäfer, Streib and Mechthild Stockmeier, lawyer and mediator, are testing the relationship of practical mediation methods and university teachings to a specific religio-educational profile of theologically trained school experts for conflict mediation.

Mechthild Stockmeier

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