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Mechthild Stockmeier, R.A.


Fields of Activity:
Teaching and research in conflict mediation


Education and Academic Training:

1970 Studies in English, Romance languages (1970-1971) and law (1971-1978), University of Münster

1977 First State Law Examination, Appellate Court. Hamm

1980 Second State Law Examination, Justice Ministry, Düsseldorf

1981 Appointment as lawyer by the Justice Minister of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

1987 Appointment as a specialist lawyer for social law by the Board of Directors of the Bar Association, Hamm

1996 Appointment as mediator by the Federal Working Committee for Family Mediation (BAMF)

2008 Founding of the organization Consensus e.V. {HP}


Lecturer at the University of Applied Science for Public Administration NW “State and constitutional law”

Examination course in Bielefeld for candidates for city inspector and for public officials seeking promotion

Consultant on family, business and school mediation for the Osnabrück employment office

Consultant on family mediation for the Catholic Family Education Center, Osnabrück

Lecturer on social law, civil law, criminal law and employment law in the seminar for geriatric care at the Ev. Johanneswerk and the AWO in Bielefeld

Lecturer on social law and business mediation at the Institute for Data Processing and Business in Bielefeld

Consultant on mediation for lawyers for the Bar Association, Hamm

Law instruction at secondary school

Lecturer on family mediation for the University of Bielefeld (Institute for Anwalts- und Notarrecht) and the Society for Business Mediation and Conflict Management, München

Lecturer on mediation for the “Short Course on the Occupations Lawyer and Notary”

Lecturer on family and inheritance law for the introductory course for trainee lawyers at the District Court in Bielefeld

Membership in Academic Organizations:

Consensus e.V.

Research Project:

Conflict mediation in schools

Conflict mediation plays an increasingly important role in school life. Religious didactic research is involved in theoretical assessment in connection with the practical employment of mediation. In cooperation with Schäfer and Streib, this research project aims at the development of university teaching methods that are able to communicate practical mediation methods to students and thus contribute to the training of school experts for conflict mediation.

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