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StatBeCe Copyright: Bielefeld University
Statistical Consulting
For researchers: the StatBeCe offers know-how and consulting in applying research-relevant statistical methods.
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Professor Dr. Michael Röckner Copyright: Bielefeld University
DFG approves new CRC that works on mathematical hazard. Mathematics Professor Dr. Michael Röckner serves as speaker of the CRC.
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Luke Eberhart-Philips holding a snowy plover Copyright:  L. Eberhart-Phillips
Study on birds
Behavioral scientists of Bielefeld University have examined if the gender of snowy plovers influences their lifespan.
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robot hand Copyright: Bielefeld University
Grasping Learning System
CITEC introduces the selflearning robot hand. The system familiarizes with unknown objects. It is part of the large-scale project Famula. (In German)
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