Ramona Bullik

Post-graduate assistant

Main areas of research

Work area

Research assistant in the discipline Psychology of Religion / Biographical Studies in Contemporary Religion, Longitudinal Study of Religous Development

Focus is on qualitative analysis of biographical guided interviews; organisation and administration of research project

Academic interests

Changes in religious views and worldview over the lifespan

qualitative analysis

argumentation analysis


since 07/2015: research assistant at the DFG project Longitudinal Study of Religous Development

01/2015 - 06/2015: research assistant at the DFG project "Xenosophia und Xenophobia in and between the Abrahamitic Religions"

Summer term 2007: lectureship at the linguistics and literary studies department of Bielefeld University

06/2006 - 12/2014: post-graduate student assistant at Bielefeld University (chair of Prof. Streib, examination-administration, Research Center for Biographical Studies in Contempoary Religion)

2001-2006 Studies in linguistics, psychology and literary studies at Bielefeld University

Topic of master thesis: forms of self-presentation and justification in narrative interviews on deconversation experiences

Research Project

How do narratives in autobiographical reasoning change across the lifespan?