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Interactions of Oriented Molecules


Convenors: Hürgen Hinze (Bielefeld, GER), Ulrich Heinzmann(Bielefeld, GER), Hansjürgen Loesch (Bielefeld, GER), Wilhelm Raith (Bielefeld, GER)

Several renowned scientists from Europe, Israel, Russia, Japan, Canada and the USA have agreed to take part in the activities of this group. They will engage in active research for several months at the ZiF and the laboratories of the Departments of Physics and Chemistry at the University of Bielefeld. The questions to be pursued center around the dependence of intermolecular interactions and reactions on the relative orientation of the reactants, with the goal to use the information gained to influence and control reactions and product distributions. To this end it is necessary to integrate into the theoretical model of reaction kinetics the already known experimental observations and phenomena together with new detailed data yet to be acquired. This applies to the already known data, which in general have been obtained indirectly from the observation of product distributions and the orientation dependencies of reaction mechanisms, as well as to the newly acquired detailed and direct data from molecular beam experiments with oriented molecules, some of which are still to be performed. It is our ambition to achieve in the near future a better understanding of these elementary processes to enable us to design catalysts in such a way that they can compare with the level of activity, specificity and stereo selectivity of natural enzymes with which nature controls biochemical reactions.

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