Multimodale Rhetorik in der Onlinemedien-Kommunikation

Mai 2020 - September 2020

Leitung: Kay O'Halloran (Liverpool, GBR), John Bateman (Bremen, GER), Mehul Bhatt (Örebro, SWE)
ZiF Research Group Workshop

Institute on Multimodality 2022 / Minds. Media. Technology.

28 August – 6 September 2022
Convenors: Mehul Bhatt (Örebro, SWE), John Bateman (Bremen, GER), Kay O’Halloran (Liverpool, GBR)

The Institute on Multimodality provides a consolidated perspective on the theoretical, methodological, and practical understanding of multimodality research. The institute offers a novel interdisciplinary view of recent advances centralising multimodality research from diverse viewpoints, including:

  • artificial intelligence - machine learning
  • cognition - media reception
  • multimodal interaction - semiotics
  • media and communications
  • data science - media - practice

Through a confluence of perspectives from Minds, Media, and Technology, the institute will position and enable an understanding of the manner in which multimodality shapes the socio-semiotic interpretation and propagation of interactional, communicative, and collaborative acts/artefacts in everyday life and work. The Institute on Multimodality features the following:

  • Dissemination Event (Aug 28 - Sep 2) : Summer School + Doctoral Colloquium (consisting of keynotes, lectures, tutorials)
  • Closing Workshop (Sep 5 - 6) of ZiF Research Group on "Multimodal Rhetoric in Online Media Communications"
  • Public Panel Discussion

One of the central agenda of the institute pertains to dissemination; through a summer school, for instance, this will be achieved through focussed lectures and tutorial sessions devoted to the topic under consideration. The institute will -through its multidisciplinary faculty and technical programme- present a comprehensive and outward-looking view of multimodality research at the interface of Minds, Media, and Technology. The scientific agenda of the institute will explicate the relationships between multimodality studies across areas such as cognition, artificial intelligence, visuo-auditory media, and interaction studies, particularly highlighting the significance of multimodality research towards the design and engineering of next-generation digital technologies.

The ZiF Institute on Multimodality 2022 is also part of the "Multimodality. Cognition. Society" Initiative, closely synergising with the EU COST Action Training School on ``Representation Mediated Multimodality''.

Details available via: link.

If you are interested in more information about the event please contact Vasiliki Kondyli.

Email: vasiliki.kondyli@oru.se