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  • Dr. Timo Brändel was awarded to the dissertation prize of Bielefeld UniverstiyTimo

  • Personal news from Bielefeld University: Professor Dr. Thomas Hellweg was appointed to the Advisory Board of the Laue-Langevin Institute

  • Carina Dargel received one of the poster prizes at the ECIS 2019 in LeuvenLangmuir-Cover

  • Thomas Hellweg is appointed as a member of the Editional Board of Polymers.

  • Feature Article in Langmuir: Nanogels and Microgels: From Model Colloids to Applications, Recent Developments, and Future Trends Langmuir-Cover

    M. Karg, A. Pich, T. Hellweg, T. Hoare, L.A. Lyon, J.J. Crassous, D. Suzuki, R.A. Gumerov, S. Schneider, I.I. Potemkin and W. Richtering

  • Visit of the ESS construction site after the 22nd Science Advisory Committee meeting in Lund. ESS_May_2019

    Form left to right: Thomas Hellweg, Kell Mortensen, Derek Logan, Fred E. Wietfeldt, Andreas Schreyer, Ken Andersen, Martin Mansson, Esko Oksanen, Monika Spano und Marie Plazanet. Picture: Zsuzsa Helyes (ESS).

  • Titlepage published in Langmuir:

    Titlepage_2019_01 In the framework of a French-German project with Université de Montpellier (group of Julian Oberdisse) the Hellweg group has determined the internal structure of thermo-responsive microgels using a reverse Monte-Carlo method for the analysis of small angle neutron scattering data.

    M. Cors et al.; Langmuir, 34 (50), 15403-15415

  • New article published in Scientific Reports:

    Volume phase transition kinetics of smart N-n-propylacrylamide microgels studied by time-resolved pressure jump small angle neutron scattering

  • Participation at European Colloid and Interface Society (ECIS) held from 2nd to 7th September 2018 in Ljubljana, SloveniaECIS-2018

  • New article published in Langmuir:

    Smart Starch-Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) Hybrid Microgels: Synthesis, Structure, and Swelling Behavior

  • New article published in Molecular Pharmaceutics:

    Interaction of the Saponin Aescin with Ibuprofen in DMPC Model Membranes

  • New article published in The Journal of Chemical Physics:

    Polyacrylates in the presence of an extraordinary monovalent cation?Solution behavior and metal nanoparticle formation

  • New article published in Polymers:

    Thermoresponsive Microgel Coatings as Versatile Functional Compounds for Novel Cell Manipulation Tools

  • Visit of the ESS construction place (European Spallation Source), LundESS construction place

  • New article accepted in Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces:

    Insights into Gliadin Supramolecular Organization at Digestive pH 3.0