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Database and Assessment of Risks of violent Extremists (DARE)

Short Description

DARE is a collaboration between three main institutes: Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence at Bielefeld University in Germany, Netherlands Institute for Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology in Netherlands, and Le Service Public Federal de Justice (FED Justice) in Belgium.

The project has two main aims. The first is to develop a European database on violent terrorists and extremists, which will allow analyses and understanding of risk factors and drivers of extremism and improve strategy and policy interventions. Court files data from 6 European countries (i.e., France, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Austria, and Sweden) will be gathered and coded into the database. The second aim of the project is to train the European judiciary in the six participating countries to use a violence extremism risk assessment tool (VERA-2R).

Within the German contexts, six German States are partaking in the project: Berlin, Bremen, Hamburg, Hessen, Niedersachsen and Schleswig Holstein.

For further information about VERA 2R and DARE project, please follow the link below: https://www.vera-2r.nl/


Prof. Dr. Andreas Zick

Funded by
European Commission, Horizon 2020