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Internationally oriented study courses

Bielefeld University offers internationally oriented degree programmes: study programmes with double degree options; courses preparing for jobs in an international environment; English-language master programmes as well as master programmes with International Tracks.

Study programmes are international cooperation programmes studied within a degree programme that allow the achievement of double degrees or joint-degrees: students complete part of their degree at Bielefeld University and part at one or various partner universities.

The degree programmes "Deutsch als Fremd- und Zweitsprache [German as a second language]" and "Deutsch als Fremdsprache und Germanistik [German as a Foreign Language and German Studies]" prepare for jobs in an international environment.

An International Track is the English-language branch of a German-language degree programme. In International Tracks, the entire degree programme can be studied in English and does not require the knowledge of the German language.

English-language master programmes can only be studied in English. These degree programmes are not available in German.


Double Degrees:

There are neither International Tracks nor English-language programmes for Bachelor degrees at Bielefeld University.


English-language programmes and International Tracks (no knowledge of German required):

Other master programmes:

Double Degrees

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All programmes:

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Study fees for international students?

Policymakers in NRW are currently discussing whether to introduce study fees for certain groups of international students.

Up to now, however, there is neither a corresponding law nor any draft legislation.

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International Summer German Courses

Do you already know the international Summer German Courses at Bielefeld University? They take place every August and you can choose among different language levels and themes.
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German Courses for international students and employees in English speaking study programs and contexts

Even if you are able to conduct most of your studies in English or your native language, a basic command of German may be helpful during the course of your stay in Germany. At PunktUm, you can select from a number of different German language courses to achieve this. .
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