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Take up the international challenge!

The International Office has two programmes which offer students in Bielefeld the opportunity to become interculturally active and receive a certificate confirming their successful voluntary involvement.

+ Country Ambassadors

Country Ambassadors are student representatives who can be contacted by those planning a visit to the country. They can offer helpful advice on specific issues relating to the country, the town and the host University. They can also provide additional motivation to students who are still undecided about going abroad.

Please click here for further information (in German).

If you are interested or have any questions please get in touch with the International Office (Weltbüro) in room D0-140 or write an E-Mail to

+ International Mentoring Programme

The International Office's International Mentoring Programme offers anyone interested in getting a taste for "international atmosphere" the opportunity to become a mentor for foreign students studying at Bielefeld University. You will find further information about the programme and the online registration form -> here.


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Exchange cooperations

Look for worldwide exchange cooperations.


Find documents and brochures in our -> Download Area.