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Language Courses, Specialist Courses and Summer Schools Abroad

Sound language skills form a basic prerequisite for a successful visit to a foreign country. There are numerous opportunities to improve your knowledge both before and during your time abroad.

+ Language Courses at Home

The Bielefeld University Language Centre (Fachsprachenzentrum) offers many different courses for numerous languages at various levels. The Language Centre also provides a number of other interesting options:

  • E-Learning
  • Issue of DAAD Language Certificates in various languages
  • Preparation courses for the TOEFL-Test

Please go to the Language Centre -> Homepage for more information.

In and around Bielefeld there are plenty of opportunities to practice foreign languages:
+ Language Courses Abroad

Perhaps you prefer to learn the language in the country in which it is spoken? Then you may be interested in attending a language course abroad during the semester holidays. The DAAD has produced an extensive overview ( here ) of summer language courses offered by a host of universities and colleges throughout Europe.

Within the framework of university partnership schemes there are a number of courses available either as preparatory language courses at the beginning of the semester or as language courses running alongside the main study curriculum. You are advised to make enquiries at your Partner University in good time!

The Grant Guide issued by the International Office offers useful information regarding funding options.

+ Specialist Courses and Summer Schools

A series of international specialist courses and summer schools in foreign countries offer students further education in both the foreign language and a specialist subject. An overview regarding summer schools and block courses available at European universities and colleges can be found -> here.

Please check in advance with the relevant Officer of your Faculty or Institute whether any credit for participation can be recognized as part of your studies.

The Grant Guide issued by the International Office offers useful information regarding funding options.


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