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Dezernat FFT -
& Transfer

Application Counselling and Support for Third-Party Funding


Dr. Daniela Rassau
Consultant for Knowledge Transfer and Innovation
Raum U7-145
Tel.: +49 521 106-3950
E-Mail: daniela.rassau

Ralf Burhenne
Third-Party Funding accounting clerk
Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften
Raum U7-146
Tel.: +49 521 106-3445
E-Mail: ralf.burhenne

Daniel Koch
Third-Party Funding accounting clerk
(CITEC, CeBiTec, CoR-Lab)

Raum U7-140
Tel.: +49 521 106-3961
E-Mail: daniel.koch1

The Department for Research Administration and Technology Transfer (FFT) as a central administration unit of the University of Bielefeld informs about cooperation options between the university, corporations and other scientific institutions.

The possibilities for a cooperation between corporations, institutions and certain fields of research at the University of Bielefeld are very diverse. The array of activities consists of scientific counselling via our scientists, e. g. for the introduction of new processes or the analysis of technical or scientific assignments and joint research- and development projects.

These possibilities can, on the other hand, also inherit certain bureaucratic obstacles, depending on the project and partner constellation.

For a successful joint-commercial project with a corporation or research project with another scientific institution, we would recommend to contact the staff of our Department for Research Administration and Technology Transfer and make an appointment for a counselling session as soon as possible.

We would be glad to support you in your endeavor.