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Graduate Schools

Graduate Schools make a long-term contribution to structuring research and teaching. In postgraduate degree programmes with intensive academic supervision, postgraduates are given the chance to gain qualifications closely related to a focus of research. Most lectures and seminars are held in English in order to enhance the international orientation of Graduate Schools.

International DFG Research Training Group "Computational Methods for the Analysis of the Diversity and Dynamics of Genomes"  (GRK 1906)
Bielefeld Graduate School for Economics and Management - BIGSEM - since 2001
International Graduate School of Chemistry and Biochemistry Bielefeld
grüner Pfeil CoR-Lab Graduate School for Cognition and Robotics - since 2007
grüner Pfeil Graduate School in History and Sociology - BGHS
(Excellence Initiative 2007)
grüner Pfeil Graduate School Cognitive Interaction Technology - since 2008
grüner Pfeil CLIB-Graduate Cluster Industrial Biotechnology
- since 2009
run jointly by three CLIB2021 member universities, namely, Bielefeld University, Dortmund Technical University, and Düsseldorf University
grüner Pfeil International NRW Research School Education and Capabilities
- since 2009
run jointly by academics in the social sciences and humanities at Bielefeld University and Dortmund Technical University
grüner Pfeil Graduate School Bioinformatics of Signal Networks
grüner Pfeil Bielefeld Graduate School in Linguistics and Literary Studies
- since 2010