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Accident Insurance


How am I assured?

Under certain conditions, students of Bielefeld University and the Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences participating in university sports are legally protected by statutory accident insurance (§2 Abs. 3 Nr. 8c Sozialgesetzbuch Siebtes Buch (SGB VII)). In order to qualify for this insurance the sports course must be of an official university nature or must be organised by the University or an institution affiliated to the University such as the AStA (Student Union) and supervised by an appointed trainer.

The statutory accident insurance includes sports practice itself, the necessary preparation involved and the journey to and from the training facilities. Independent sporting activities external to the organised training that takes place at university facilities (e.g. independent clubs, tennis played in spare time, individual training) is not covered by statutory accident insurance as is the participation in performance sports at the University or in other sports clubs.

Employees of the University are only insured when participating in University sports if demands are met pertaining to sports for the workplace (beneficial character of sport, frequency, work relevance of the organisation and participants, non-competitive sports). Sport for the workplace is only covered by accident insurance when the sport creates life-balance, is non-competitive, takes place regularly, the group of participants is limited mainly to employees, practice and length of practice are related to create a balance with work and the sport is related to university business.

->Unfallkasse NRW(statutory accident insurance) - FAQ

As a rule, occasional student sport members are not covered by German statutory accident insurance.

Students, as defined by law, are enrolled and have been accepted for the academic final examinations. Participants who are in courses preparing for access to higher education (e.g. German courses), taking part in summer schools and enrolled occasional students do not fulfil these conditions.

One criterion for statutory accident insurance coverage is that students are formally matriculated and attend university, and apply themselves seriously to furthering their education, though it does not necessarily have to be occupational. Just the matriculation alone or occasional participation in academic courses is not enough to meet these requirements.

We recommend that every participant of the University Sports Programme insure themselves in case of accident and liability appropriately.

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What to do in the case of an accident?

Students who have had an accident within the above named framework are requested to inform the University Administration without delay so that the accident report form required by law can be passed onto the appropriate insurance agency (forms for students are available from the hall caretakers in the P01 area and at the office of the University Sports Service Bielefeld in room E0-146).

The accident report form should be submitted within three days after the University has been informed of the accident. Completed accident report forms are to be handed into the office of the University Sports Service Bielefeld (Room EO-146) or to the sports hall caretakers. The sports instructors are self-employed and are therefore not covered by statutory accident insurance.