Enrolment / Immatriculation Procedure


You must submit the following documents by the closing date for registration:

Application for enrolment (in exceptional cases, this can be sent to you by the Student Office - Email)

  • If you are an underage student, written permission to study (a so-called Generaleinwilligung)
  • Proof of university entrance qualification (officially certified copy)
  • If applicable, proof of military or civilian service (officially certified copy)
  • Proof of health insurance with a statutory health insurance scheme (Ortskrankenkasse or Ersatzkasse) or proof of exemption from compulsory health insurance (if you have questions about this, you can obtain the legal regulations and the form here(PDF-Datei) (In German))
  • If applicable, your confirmation of admission from the Student Office
  • Language certificate (DSH, TestDaF, German Language Diploma, etc.) if you did not obtain your higher education entrance qualification at a German-speaking institution
  • If you have already studied at a higher education institute: the certificate of exmatriculation (Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung) from that institute
  • If you are changing your study course [Quereinstieg] in a higher study semester: Placement decision of the relevant faculty
  • For all Master’s degree programmes:  
    • Bachelor’s degree certificate or proof of having completed a tertiary degree (officially certified copy)
    • If applicable, notice of admission from the Student Office
  • For Master of Education degree programmes: in addition,admission letter from the Bielefeld School of Education (BiSEd)
  • For "technical" Master’s degree programmes: in addition, the letter of access from the relevant faculty/institute. Please note that you have to apply for this through the online portal.
  • For doctoral studies: proof of a completed tertiary degree in a relevant subject as well as confirmation from the faculty of your admission as a doctoral student (in German), or for doctoral degree programmes, notice of admission from your Graduate School or faculty
  • Depending on the subject chosen, if applicable, a subject-specific confirmation

You also have to pay your semester fee [Semesterbeitrag]. The necessary notes for bank transfer will be sent to you together with your registration number [Matrikelnummer] after the university has received your application for enrolment.

If you hand in your application for enrolment in a degree programme with unrestricted admission after the closing date for registration, you will have to pay an administrative fee of 10 €. If you hand in your application for enrolment for a place in a subject with restricted admission after the closing date for registration, you will lose your place and it will be awarded to another applicant.