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Admission restriction

Subjects with entrance limitation (Numerus Clausus)

Most of the subjects at the university have an entrance limitation - so there is an intake capacity. In this case, there is a special selection procedure based on your final school exam grade. A decision regarding your admission will be taken after this procedure, i.e. (15.07./ 15.01) - e.g. August / February.

German or EU citizens

The Application will be considered by a  "normal" award procedure. The school grade will be transformed in the German school-grade-system and it will then be assumed that you have passed your high-school in Germany.  The award-procedure of the capacity will be done over  20 % school exam grade, 20 % waiting time and 60 % about a special method (presently: also school exam grade).  

Other citizens

The Application will not be considerd in the same way as German or EU citizens; instead in a special award procedure. In this case, the capacity for this method will be 7% from the regular capacity and the ranking based on the final school exam grade.

Application for Master courses

The selection process is done on the basis of professional and personal qualification (Master of Education: based on bachelor exam grade or grade of the subject "Erziehungswissenschaften"). A decision will always be taken by the department. For the application you have to use our  Online-Portal (in German).