Center for Interdisziplinary Research

Stochastic Dynamics in Mathematics, Physics and Engineering

Date: November 2 - 4, 2011

Convenors: Barbara Gentz (Bielefeld), Max-Olivier Hongler (Lausanne), Peter Reimann (Bielefeld)

Stochastic dynamics has become increasingly important in many areas of science and technology. It is an indispensable mathematical tool in the modeling of uncertainty in many biological, physical and chemical systems and in engineering applications. Stochastic elements in such model systems or data sets typically represent some uncontrolled environmental impacts, thermal noise or hidden internal dynamics. Compared to linear systems or systems close to equilibrium, noise and fluctuations in nonlinear dynamics may have a much more significant influence on their behaviour as a result of the rare but large events leading for example to the escape from locally stable states, or because of a channeling action of intrinsic nonlinearities. Both effects give rise to signal and order amplification by noise or to the emergence of directed motion due to the presence of non-equilibrium fluctuations. One fascinating recent example is the theoretical understanding and design of small devices. In this context, so called fluctuation and work relations have shed new light onto long standing basic questions in statistical physics, including the roots and the nature of the second law of thermodynamics. The objective of the workshop was to bring together experts from Mathematics, Physics, and Engineering with complementary views and approaches to stochastic dynamics concepts and methods. The interdisciplinary attendance to the meeting has offered to all participants a truly exceptional opportunity to meet each other and share views, explore new ideas, gather information and to trigger future collaborations around the theme of Stochastic Dynamics. Among the major issues addresses by various talks and discussions have been: random dynamics, dynamical systems, statistical physics in and out of equilibrium, synchronization, adaptive dynamics, biological and other networks, and complex systems at large.


Daniel Altemeier (Bielefeld), Dieter Armbruster (Tempe, AZ), Nils Berglund (Orléans), Volker Betz (Coventry), Philippe Blanchard (Bielefeld), Dirk Blömker (Augsburg), Bruno Cessac (Sophia Antipolis), Fritz Colonius (Augsburg), Andreas Engel (Oldenburg), Mykhaylo Evstigneev (Bielefeld), Till D. Frank (Dublin), Pierre Gaspard (Brüssel), Sebastian Getfert (Bielefeld), James P. Gleeson (Limerick), Takehisa Hasegawa (Sendai), Natalia Janson (Loughborough), Wolfram Just (London), Diana Kämpfe (Bielefeld), Naotaka Kajino (Bielefeld), Michael Kastner (Stellenbosch), Klaus Kroy (Leipzig), Benjamin Lindner (Berlin), Felix Naef (Lausanne), Dominik Riedl (Bielefeld), Julio Rodriguez (Lausanne), Christoph Schmal (Bielefeld), Hendrik Weber (Coventry), Sven Wiesinger (Bielefeld)

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