ZiF Art: Zeitskulptur XVI

vom nehmen des unsteten maßes

Vernissage: April 26, 11:30
Exhibition: April 26, 2009 - May, 2010
Artist: Helmut Lemke (Todmorden, UK)

vom nehmen des unsteten maßes

Sound is transient - it happens in time. As soon as it has been generated it vanishes - if you don't listen you are going to miss it. When listening the factor TIME plays a decisive role.

With this in mind Helmut Lemke, sound artist, designed an installation to be the new Zeitskulptur on display in the ZiF front yard for one year.

An object, 5.50 m high, collected rainwater that dropped out slowly. Since the dripping dependrd on the fall of rain, a varying kind of rhythm happenrd. It countrd (and recountrd) time.

Homepage of Helmut Lemke

Kindly supported by Goldbeck GmbH, Bielefeld

Einführung zur Zeitskulptur XVI von Dr. Britta Padberg
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